Legal notice

We never use the cookies to collect information while you are visiting this website if we do not need to survey that information for preventing duplicate results. Our web server collets some fixed information about the visitors repeatedly to organize data or profile about the user. This information is never used to identify your personal information and we only use the information to get the following results below:

1. We use the information to know the domain you used to visit our website.

2. The IP address which the website has that you use to visit our website.

3. To collect the time and date of you're visiting on our website.

4. This information helps us to make a result of our daily visitors and the sectors they are interested. We never use your personal information for this result and this information never used to sell, share or to do other thing that will insecure your privacy.

Usually, we use a survey page in our website and we used the cookies for limited purposes and so that we can make sure that there is no duplication of this survey. The cookie only uses while you are submitting the survey results and a text string with unique code is placed on your computer to know about the uniqueness of your survey.

If you do not want the cookie then you have to avoid the survey and you can delete the cookie from your computer after submitting the survey result and you can also change the setting of your browser to accept no more cookies. Setting of the browser is easy and you can do that to avoid our cookie on your computer.

Information You Provide

We usually do not provide any service or benefit to our users so that we will need personal information and we just do the survey occasionally and that will need only small information than other websites required for. The information for survey will be treated as the contact information you may usually provide with you own.

We use the COPPA of 1998 to prevent children from participating in adult survey. We will require parent approval to enter in the survey on our website for the children and the age to enter for the children is over 13 and no children below this can enter in the survey program if they even have the parent approval.


We use different security systems to provide the most secure and safe services for our users and visitors. You have to provide the user authentication, and we use security for the transmitted data, and security monitoring and auditing and encryption about the information.

We use different useful security methods and calculations to update our security systems. Different methods are also used to change our design, and other different processes of our daily website maintenance to provide the best services to our visitors.

External Links Disclaimer

In our website, we contain many links of other websites, some of them are placing ads on our website and some of them are business partners. If you visit another website from the links of our pages then it will no longer for our concern. It is your own risk to visit those websites and you have work as their privacy policy.

You can not claim us for the loss you have made on other websites from the links of our websites and this is your own risk to visit and use those websites. We will not be responsible for any damage of you or your properties for visiting any of those websites that has link on our website.

Privacy Policy changing

Our policy can be change for any circumstances and you can know about the change from our front page. We can change the policy any time we want so it will be better for you every time you visit our website check the privacy policy first.